Econ Ipsum Now Available in TeX

About two years ago, Maria Betto and I made Econ Ipsum, a Lorem Ipsum generator that uses words from Econometrica abstracts to produce Economic sounding nonsense. We never put any sort of tracking or analytics on the page. So, I don’t know how many people use it. However, I can tell from the number of api calls that it is more than originally expected.1

One long running joke on the page is that the randomized articles have zero citations and are “not forthcoming”. That is, we remind that the random text is not a reference for any other article and is not scheduled for publication in any journal. These facts were intended to be self-evident. So, I was surprised when a student contacted me to ask if he could use some random paragraphs in a TeX package he was working on.

Naturally, I was ecstatic that someone liked Econ Ipsum enough to make a spinoff. So, I’m happy to announce that you can now use Econ Ipsum paragraphs in TeX via the econlipsum package by Jack Coleman. So, Econ Ipsum’s citation counter – intended to remain forever at zero – has now advanced to one.

Econ Ipsum with one citation

  1. The number of api executions is the maximum number of paragraphs requested by a single person divided by 100 (and rounded up). Each day (typically) has between 3 and 30 executions. On one day, there were 184 executions – which means that one person generated 18,400 paragraphs.